Automotive Wizardry No Longer Parked Up


We have an incredible choice of cars these days.  the automaotive industry has been really working hard to design and produce the safest, most roadworthy vehicles possible.  The newer ones have to offer the most economical use of fuel, often dual fuel – hybrids that run on batteries but when those flag, the petrol engine cuts in.  There are of course debates as to how efficient this method is but until someone comes up with a car that runs entirely on fresh air and chugs out nothing but also fresh air, then some means of propellant is necessary.   The automotive industry has also taken on board driverless motoring – even family cars have self parking systems, so if  you have assisted parking, you can let the car literally take over, like autopilot, and park itself immacuately in between other cars.  They have tiny sensors and camera in strategic places.  I’ve not tried mine yet.  I must try and get brave and let it do the biz!