The Best New Cars Need The Best Driver Skills


Every year there is a fantastic selection of new cars available via all kinds of sites.  Through the automotive industry itselt, these new vehicles show the pinnacle of human success and the whole industry deserves and demands that driving skills improve.  The cars are so much safer, true, but to really get the most out of a good car, the driver needs to be competent and absolutely in control of their skills and emotions!

Novice drivers take a hazard perception test known as the part 1 theory test. .  A set of videos of ordinary driving scenarios on which the test candidate has to look and click as soon as they spot a possible hazard ahead.  This test has to be passed and a certificate awarded before the practical driving test can be applied for.  It tests the drivers eyesight, basic car knowledge, random Highway Code questions and then finally, the actual driving skills.  Only passing these tests can the driver actually get their hands on one of the fantastic cars coming to the market.